“Touched by a Medium”

My first metaphysical teacher ~ Anne Gehman

The sunset was showing off on this spring evening.  It displayed more colors and formations than I had ever seen, no doubt flirting with us all.  As I sat mesmerized and lifted by the beauty, I spoke a simple prayer.

“Dear God, what would you have me do next?

At the time I had been out of rehabilitation for two months, after my seven months, all expenses paid, stay at Lucerne Spinal Injury Center.  Although my time in rehab was to treat a broken neck, my spirit was not broken.  In fact, it was doing a sensational job maneuvering a major life detour for me.  In the midst of this sacred exchange between me and best friend, God, my mother appeared with a peculiar look on her face.  She announced ~ with some questioning in her voice.

“Our neighbor just had dinner with a renown psychic medium, Anne Gehman, and he would like to bring her over to meet you.  Are you game?

I had to smile inside as my mother asked.  I had been recognizing over several months that my intuition proved to be a very resourceful sense ~ since my diving accident.  As I thought about the reading, which intrigued me, and my prayer just moments ago, maybe the “what next” answer just came.  With no hesitation I asked my mother to call our neighbor back with a “yes.”  As dear as they were, it was quite an adjustment to live with my parents, as it must have been for them as well.  Maybe this woman, this psychic medium, could shed some light on the path ahead.

Not knowing what to expect, my mind chose to think “carnival character.”  Of course it would, because I loved the unique different and interesting sort.  I always had a bit of a “girl next door” look, but inside, my imagination would lead me to the “fringe.”   When the doorbell rang, I sat dumbfounded as a lovely woman dressed in a classic soft summer dress entered the living room.  Her smile dismissed all my anxiety, and her deep violet eyes captured my attention as they gazed into my soul.  I was touched by this medium, something within shifted.

The introductions went smoothly, and soon she took me aside to begin my first reading.  As she relaxed and tuned into me, her eyes were closed and the energy in the room felt comforting and calm.  When her eyes opened they had a mystical look, as though she was in the room, but also connected to the unseen,  As she began speaking, I listened in awe of each word.  She never met me before, but Anne knew me on all levels, as well as my relatives that made their transition.

Before my diving incident I worked in the travel industry, she picked up on my love for my profession, and told me I was destined to do a new type of travel.  Not understanding, she clarified by saying my journeys would take me inward, and I would be finding myself able to be open to guidance from inner whispers as well as guidance from my own personal guides and angels.  But, she made it very clear that I would not become a psychic reader.

As the reading went on I lost touch with time as each word rang true on an inner level.  There was no doubt that Anne was gifted, and I understood a new chapter in my life started that day.  As she concluded there were so many questions answered, and so many I needed to ask.  But, she had to leave, and my heart sank.  I did not want the evening to end with all these new doors opened.  As Anne made her way to our door, she stopped suddenly.  It seemed like she was listening to someone (on her shoulder) as her head cocked to one side.  Then she turned back to me quickly, and with a delightful grin she asked.

“Would you like to work as my receptionist?”

My mother and I definitely were hit with an unexpected question; we looked completely puzzled.  Yet, in the midst of all of this, a response came from inside of me and found its way to my lips.

“Yes!  Yes, I think I would love the opportunity.  But…”

She did not let me finish.  As she walked out the door she giggled.

“See you tomorrow.”

I grabbed my mother, and asked if she would be willing to dress me and transport me to my new job.  After she generously and happily said yes, we both realized ~ where?  My mother rushed out the door to ask Anne for directions to her office.  As I sat in the wonderment of the whole evening, the look of my excitement over her offer beamed from my face.  I was ready and enchanted by the “what next.”

When I entered her office the next morning, it was filled with clients.  After a hug, she put a headset on me, and my mother put on a brace that held my pen.  The work began instantly, and she trusted I would figure out my own system. By the end of the day, I was truly enlightened by all the different types of people who sought out her help.  Finding time to accommodate them all was a feat, but at the end of the long day she wheeled me in her beautifully decorated office ~ the teachings began.

She had me reading books I never knew existed.  I could not read fast enough, and like a sponge I absorbed countless amounts of information that always left me wanting more.  Our discussion of the books as well as her life experiences strengthened my spirit, and opened my eyes ~ new eyes.

Anne was a wonderful teacher, and her discussions with me helped to shape my relationship with God; it became much more intimate.  She assured me that God had a divine plan for us, and we were governed by a set of natural laws based on love.  The fear used by so many religions never served us ~ just controlled us.   I learned on a deeper level of the “brotherhood of man.”  She explained to me that we were here to be of service to each other, and the joy found in the giving is the greatest joy and reward.  I began to see God in everyone and everything, and saw the energy all creation emits ~ auras.  This loving force that made us all unique did not intend our differences to divide us, but to create loving discourses to bring about great understanding.  In the end we all have more in common than we know, and we need to gratefully embrace each other.  Every experience is a gift, and love and gratitude are key.

I worked for Anne two unforgettable years, before she was guided north to the areas surrounding our nation’s capital.  After being around her, I never doubted that our loved ones do guide us and are near us more than we know.  It was hard to say good-bye, but I was moving on too.  She helped me close a chapter of my book of life, and assisted me in turning a page.  Although it was a heavy page, it started a journey for me that has been a divine exploration, where challenges and changes are seen as blessings.  I was touched by a medium, and have asked each day…

“Dear God,  How may I serve?”

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About anitaskocz

ANITA JOYCE SKOCZ is a storyteller who resides in Central Florida. She credits her passion to her father, who dazzled her imagination as a child with his gift to weaver a tale. After a diving accident in 1978, Anita left the travel industry to journey the inner roads of her soul. The riches found on those adventures inward come to life in her children’s books. Anita’s books, “Crystal Star Angel” and “Kite Tale,” were inspired by the loving relationships her father had with his grandsons. From Where I Sit is a blog where Anita shares her life’s stories, or comments on current events from her soul’s perspective. Her insights can evoke laughter as well as take one on a reflective journey. In any case she hopes you join her each Wednesday for a new adventure.
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