9-12-2021 Every Moment Choose Love

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9-10-2021 Open to Infinite Possibility

“Our openness to infinite possibility—the willingness to consider that there might be another way, that a miracle might be possible—makes us available to miracles. 

We become pregnant with possibilities, once having allowed the thought of infinite possibility to penetrate our consciousness.

Where parts of us have died—to hope, to growth, to creativity—God restores our crucified selves to new life, restoring the cosmic order to situations in which even the most horrifying chaos reigned before.

Human suffering is inevitable in a world that is permeated with illusion and fear, yet through the power of forgiveness we can and do transform it. With every prayer, every moment of faith, every act of mercy, every instant of contrition, every effort at forgiveness, in time we move beyond our suffering. 

We die to who we used to be and are reborn as who we are meant to be, thus lifted above darkness and ignorance and death.

Each of us goes through this—we all have our own crucifixions, our own battles and trials and tribulations. But each of us has within us as well the potential for resurrection, as an indwelling God both calls us out of darkness and delivers us to light. Resurrection, salvation, and enlightenment are the same.ears to Triumph

Marianne Williamson

Tears to Triumph

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9-9-2021 Teach Me Your Way Oh Lord

“You are the one and only God. 

What miracles! What wonders! What greatness belongs to you! 

Teach me more about you, how you work and how you move, so that I can walk onward in your truth until everything within me brings honor to your name. 

With all my heart and passion I will thank you, my God! I will give glory to your name, always and forever! 

You love me so much, and you have placed your greatness upon me. 

You rescued me from the deepest place of darkness, and you have delivered me from a certain death.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭86:10-13‬ ‭TPT‬‬

God, wonders, greatness, belongs, teach, work, move, walk, onward, truth, heart, passion, give, glory, love, greatness, rescue, darkness, deliver,

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9-2-2021 To Love Above All Else…

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8-27-2021 Trust In God’s Love

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8-26-2021 My Saving Grace – Fortitude

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8-25-2021 Embracing Our Oneness

“The suffering I am witnessing is both emotional and mystical, personal and impersonal. I see it in the eyes of people, in their inability to name the reason they feel so imprisoned in their depressions. 

This is the suffering of our collective transformation, a soul-pain shared. It is untreatable but not unreachable. You are weaving us together, like it or not. 

If we cannot consciously embrace our oneness, we will bleed ourselves together. It is astonishing how we prefer to suffer apart rather than love together. 

But the sufferings we are enduring today have one thing in common: they are the result of feeling separate from the whole. Whether we are enduring depression, loss, or survival-level fear, this feeling of separation now envelops so many of us. 

I know aloneness is Your way of beckoning us to meet You in prayer, to inevitably find You. 

In the breakdown will come a breakthrough. 

Soon, very soon, a calm will arrive. Fortitude will drop in, like manna from heaven, assuring us we will somehow endure. 

Inevitably we will wonder about the source of that sudden calmness, so needed in that exact moment. And we will consider, perhaps for the first time, the mystical truth that we are so carefully watched over, even in the midst of the darkest passages of the human journey.”

Excerpt From

Caroline Myss

Intimate Conversations with the Divine

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8-13-2021. The Rewards For Trusting In The Lord

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