✨🌴Reading & Pondering Today 5-26🌴✨

“In giving to others, I give to myself.

In the spiritual universe, we only keep what we give away.

Many thoughts that masquerade as self-interest are actually thoughts of self-sabotage.

When I think about myself at the expense of others, I am subconsciously seeking to deny myself.

Surrendering to the ways of God is not an act of self-sacrifice, but rather the opposite. For in withholding from God, withholding my love, I am sacrificing a life of spiritual abundance and emotional freedom.

Today I give my love to others, that I might feel more loved myself.

Dear God,
May I not be tempted
To withhold my love.
In surrendering to love,
I surrender to the force
That wishes for me my greatest good.
The ego speaks, but the ego lies.
May love drown out its voice today.


Excerpt From: Williamson, Marianne. “A Year of Miracles.”

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✨Reading & Pondering Today 5-24✨

On How Blessed You Are

“Nothing about your material circumstances has the power to stop the engine of cosmic intention that you be blessed.

And you are blessed “eternally,” which means moment after moment after moment. In any instant, regardless of what has happened in the past, the universe has arranged and is continuing to arrange infinite possibilities for you to prosper.

It might offend your sense of “realism” to believe this. Surely, things can’t be that good. And yet, they are.

The universe is programmed to manifest, through you, the highest possibilities for your creativity and joy. And that will never, ever change.

God is intent on your deliverance from all forms of bondage to the freedom of unlimited love.”

Excerpt From: Williamson, Marianne. “A Year of Miracles.”

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✨📖Reading & Pondering Today 5-20📖✨

“I have infinite potential for greatness.

All of us carry within us an infinite potential for greatness. Even the geniuses among us have but scratched the surface of what all of us are programmed to achieve, once we manifest our full divine light. I, like all of humanity, have only just begun to spread my wings.

I willingly detach myself from the prejudices and judgments of the world, that I might be lifted above the downward pull of fear-based thought.

I dedicate my life to the evolutionary lure of a higher state of awareness, not only in what I think but also in what I do. Thus shall I grow more fully today into the manifestation of my God-given potential.

I will not succumb to limited thoughts about myself today. I know that through God, who lives with me, I am always on my way to something greater than I have known before.

The universe is a universe of constant increase, and I am a child of the universe.”

Excerpt From: Williamson, Marianne. “A Year of Miracles.”

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✨📖Reading & Pondering Today 5-17📖✨

“Negative emotions need to be released, not suppressed.

Having negative emotions doesn’t make me a bad person; it means only that I’m in need of healing. Healing is a detox process, in which things come up in order to be released.

God can only take from us what we are willing to give to Him, and how can I give to Him what I myself have not first looked at?

Feelings need to be accepted as they are before they can transform.

As I release my negative feelings in an appropriate context—neither projecting them onto another person, nor condemning myself for having them—I begin the inner work necessary to change them.

I accept that they are there, release them to God, and pray that He will change my mind about whatever situation has caused them. Thus my miracle begins.

Dear God,

I give to You, not hide from You,
My negative feelings
About anyone or anything.
I know you do not judge me,
But rather You will deliver me
From the insanity in my mind.


Excerpt From: Williamson, Marianne. “A Year of Miracles.”

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✨Reading & Pondering Today 5-16✨

“I put all fear of lack into the hands of God.

Today I remember that we live in an abundant universe, in which any worldly lack is automatically compensated for by spirit.

Wherever I or others have diminished my worldly good, the universe has an automatic plan for my increase. Today I will not be tempted to forget this.

It is my faith and patience, not anxiety or impulsive action, that will return to me my good. The key to my external abundance is the abundance of love in my heart.

Dear God,

I surrender to You
The fear in my heart,
That there is not enough,
That I will not be taken care of,
That all things will go wrong.
Transform my thinking
That I might see that in You
There is only perfection and abundance
And I am at home in You.


Excerpt From: Williamson, Marianne. “A Year of Miracles.”

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“A Mother is a Mother Always”

Libby & Anita

A Mother is a Mother Always.
by ~ Anita Joyce Skocz  

In memory of of Elizabeth “Libby” Skocz, my mother,  1921 – 2011 


I remember sitting in my appointed place in St. Ignatius School waiting for class to begin. As I looked around the room I noticed my friend’s desk was vacant; she never missed a day of school. Along with this empty desk was a tardy nun, in this timely perfect little world the disruption was strange. Time crept, and the students in this third grade classroom squirmed uneasily.

In what seemed like forever our teacher entered through the colorfully decorated classroom door. Her hands clutched her rosary beads, and with her head looking down, she announced softly and sadly, that our classmate’s mother died. The quiet room broke into a collective sigh. For most of us death was something we talked about in catechism, but had not experienced yet. This day, death came close to home. In that moment I wanted to run home to my mother. In that moment it was the first time I ever thought that I could lose my mother. In that moment I came face to face with my first big fear. When would this loss happen in my lifetime?

My mother passed quietly November tenth 2011 in my home just weeks before her ninetieth birthday. Fifty plus years passed since the third grade child feared losing her mother. As I dealt with this loss with my brother and two sisters, I count us as “the fortunate.” We had mom’s loving presence, for over fifty years, and having that “gift of time” puts us among the truly blessed. Our heartbreak was diluted by waves of gratitude. We are grateful for countless years of unconditional love.

This love starts at the time of birth. When the umbilical cord is cut, and we are placed into our mother’s arms, but a new invisible cord links us together. This unseen bonding agent is the “heart string.” Instead of being a pathway for physical nutrients, it delivers unconditional love, wisdom, understanding, forgiveness, joy, gentleness and comfort to our hearts and souls. Once in a while a heart string may get a kink in it, or maybe a knot, but it can stretch over many miles, and it never breaks.

My mother’s heart strings were in full swing from the birth of her first child in 1947. Although she had so many varied interests, and we teased that she could run a Fortune 500 Company, she cherished her calling as a mother. Our family had many major challenges over the years, but the tough times only revealed more of her strength, courage, compassion and endless love.

In later years many strokes fractured her speech, but she persevered, and found ways to communicate. She never abandoned the ship of motherhood; she never stopped dispensing the magic that healed both heart and soul. She was an inspiration until she took her last breath.

She may have passed quietly, but she lived those ninety years boldly, compassionately, joyously, generously, lovingly sharing all of herself to all who needed the gifts God gave her. I am here to tell you those “heart strings” last beyond the life of the body. A mother is a mother always.

a & mom 89


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✨Praying Today 5-9✨

“Dear God,

Please make of my life
A beautiful thing.

Guide me on an illumined journey
From the darkness of the world
To the light that is You.

Make of me a conduit Of good
That I might help transform the world.

Set my feet upon a hero’s journey
And my heart on an enlightened path.


Excerpt From: Williamson, Marianne. “Tears to Triumph”

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✨🌴Reading & Pondering Today 5-6🌴✨

“On Surrendering to God

Surrendering a situation to God means surrendering your thoughts about it.

You’re programming your mind to think thoughts that are the most creative, positive, insightful, and beneficial. You’re not giving up responsibility or turning your power over to something outside yourself; you’re taking the highest responsibility for your circumstances, asking God to make your mind a literal touchstone for miraculous breakthroughs.

You walk forward in the confidence that God provides.

Surrender makes way for a larger sense of self—not the false self, but the true.

It’s an expansion of our realization of who we are when we allow our minds to merge with the field of the divine. Dropping our sense of physical boundaries, we are open to the totality of our existence. In our emptiness, we find our fullness in God.”

Excerpt From: Williamson, Marianne. “A Year of Miracles”

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