Reading & Pondering Today. 8-25



“In realizing who I really am, I unleash my power as a child of God.

It is not what I do, but who I am, that generates my power on the earth. For my power does not come from a worldly source; my power comes from God.

As I relax each day into the knowledge of my spiritual source, my true identity is revealed to me. I align myself with the truth of my being, my home in God, and from that place all good emerges. Every thought, every feeling, every action becomes infused with the light and glory of God.

I rest in the knowledge that I need to do nothing to increase my intrinsic value. I am in God, as God is in me. I find stillness and power in the realization that this is so.”

Excerpt From: Williamson, Marianne

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Reading & Pondering 8-23

image“There is no limit to my potential, for I am unlimited in God.

In each of us there lies unlimited potential, no more or less in me than in anyone. Today I accept with humility and grace the fact that this is so.

God is great, and God is alive in me. I open myself to receive His spirit, His wisdom, and His power today. May I not be limited by any thought that I am less than He created me to be.

I strive today to be a living embodiment of God’s love. However I might fail at times, I know His spirit will always guide me back to the truth that lives within me. May every step I take be a step toward love.”

Excerpt From: Williamson, Marianne. “A Year of Miracles.”

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Prayer 8-21


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Reading & Pondering Today 8-17

image“Guilt is another attempt by the ego to create an identity, a sense of self. To the ego, it doesn’t matter whether that self is positive or negative. What you did or failed to do was a manifestation of unconsciousness — human unconsciousness. The ego, however, personalizes it and says, “I did that,” and so you carry a mental image of yourself as “bad.”

Throughout history humans have inflicted countless violent, cruel, and hurtful acts on each other, and continue to do so. Are they all to be condemned; are they all guilty? Or are those acts simply expressions of unconsciousness, an evolutionary stage that we are now growing out of ?

Jesus’ words, “Forgive them for they know not what they do,” also apply to yourself.”

Excerpt From: Tolle, Eckhart. “Stillness Speaks.”

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Reading & Pondering Today 8-14

image“The universe is alive, imbued with a natural intelligence guiding all things toward their highest good. This intelligence turns an embryo into a baby, a bud into a blossom, and an acorn into an oak tree. When we allow it to, it guides us to becoming the highest version of ourselves, living lives of happiness and peace. Learning how to align ourselves with this natural intelligence is the most intelligent thing we can possibly do.”

Excerpt From: Williamson, Marianne. “Tears to Triumph.”

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Reading & Pondering Today 8-13

image“The search for holiness isn’t pink and gauzy; it’s tough and gritty. We don’t pretend not to be angry when we’re angry; we surrender our anger into the hands of God and tell Him we’re willing not to be.

We don’t deny our tears when we’ve been abandoned or betrayed; we pray for the happiness of the person who hurt us, as an act of generosity toward ourselves. We don’t pretend that we’re not afraid or lonely; we place our fear and loneliness in God’s hands. All of this is a process and none of it is easy. Many tears have lined the paths of saints.

But God is with us during the difficult times as much as during any other. As we walk through the darkest nights of our souls, we are bolstered, should we care to be, by the power of faith that we are not alone.”

Excerpt From: Williamson, Marianne. “Tears to Triumph.”

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Reading & Pondering Today 8-10

image“Many of us feel like we’re aliens in this world—because spiritually, we are. And feeling spiritually homeless, of course we feel sad. But we’re on the earth to make it our home, not to acquiesce to all the ways that it isn’t that now. The manifestations of fear have become so potent—yes, within a realm of illusion, but within that illusion people suffer and die—that it is time for a great revolution of consciousness. It is time to claim the earth for the forces of love.

Nothing is a greater antidote to depression than to join love’s revolution, taking even the tiniest step to contribute energy to the transformational wave of consciousness now rising up among us. This is not just a way to make a dent in the epidemic of depression; it is the way we will save the world.

“We transform the world with every loving, forgiving thought. We transform it with every political, social, or economic act of resistance to a loveless order. We transform it with any act of creation that points to a new way of being on the planet. That transformation—both personally and societally—is the evolutionary next step for humanity.”

Excerpt From: Williamson, Marianne. “Tears to Triumph.”

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Reading & Pondering Today 8-8


“Obviously, ours is a world where the file of infinite, unconditional love is not downloaded nearly enough. Too often we download the energy of our broken, tortured, frightened selves, manifesting the subtle and not-so-subtle violence in our hearts—hence the consciousness of the human race and the state of the world in which we live.

But even though love can be unchosen, it cannot be uncreated. When any of us expresses fear instead of love, the love we could have expressed remains safely ensconced in the Mind of God. According to A Course in Miracles, whatever miracle we’ve deflected is held in trust for us until we are ready to receive it.

The Atonement allows us to reclaim whatever good we might have denied ourselves. Situations will come around again, returning to us the years that the locusts have eaten.

What the ego steals, God gives back.

Seeing how opportunities reemerge after we have genuinely atoned, we glimpse God’s mercy. “Mercy” is a word that means very little until we have actually felt it. And once we do, we are changed forever. We are in awe of the way the universe rearranges itself to give us yet another chance.”

Excerpt From: Williamson, Marianne. “Tears to Triumph.”

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