✨Reading & Pondering Today. 1-23✨

“Self-love is the warrior’s code. It is the source of her courage and her confidence. When she is present and awake to all that she is, she is able to take on any challenge, any project, or any future that she desires.

Her heart wants to serve, protect, love, and heal all those who come onto her path. She is smart enough to know that anything that is holding her back will only slow her down or send her off in a direction that doesn’t lead to the fulfillment of her dreams.

Her daily prayer is to have the strength to love all of herself, the courage to listen to what she is guided to do, and the confidence to go out, stand tall, and deliver her gifts to the world. The present moment is her source of great inspiration. Because her intention and focus are clear, she can open up to who she is and who she desires to be.”

Excerpt From
Debbie Ford & Wayne W. Dyer

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☀️Reading & Pondering Today 1-12-2018☀️

“The parting of the Red Sea is one of the great biblical demonstrations that God will do whatever it takes, including transcending time and space, to pave the way for His children’s deliverance.

The universe is programmed to rescue us from the ego’s armies, whether they be our own obsessive thoughts or conditions of the outer world. We are safe to dive into the waters of spirit, even when we fear we will drown there, for God will prepare for us a safe crossing and the ego will be stilled.

Knowing that God can and will do anything to save His people—and all of us are His people—is one of the bulwarks of an enlightened life. A thought such as “That couldn’t possibly happen” becomes replaced by, “I don’t need to know how it will happen; I only need to know that it will.” According to A Course in Miracles, “There’s no order of difficulty in miracles.”

After the Israelites crossed the Red Sea, they sang a song of celebration. Miriam the prophetess, a woman who thus spoke for God, sang, “Sing ye to the Lord, for he hath triumphed gloriously; the horse and his rider hath he thrown into the sea.”

This singing means the singing of our souls after we’ve been released from our suffering. “Singing to the Lord” is a reference to finally feeling free to express ourselves fully, without fear—to finding our own voice, our own life force, our own emotional freedom after suffering imprisonment to the ego’s demands.

Many of us have found ourselves “singing to the Lord” in ways we had never sung before, emerging from traumatic periods in our lives with talents and abilities that we didn’t know we had before our “time in the desert,” the times of our own personal despair.”

Excerpt From
Tears to Triumph
Marianne Williamson

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✨Reading and Pondering Today 1-4✨

“When we forgive, when we atone, when we apologize, when we own our mistakes, when we extend compassion, we are not just being “nice.” We’re following immutable laws of the universe. Spiritual principles are based on internal laws of consciousness as fixed and unalterable as any laws of science. We know that holding a grievance toward another will block a miracle as surely as letting go of a book from our hands will make it fall onto the ground.

This is particularly important when we’re depressed, because at no time are we more tempted to thoughts of hopelessness and negativity. Thoughts like “Nothing will ever be good again” and “All hope is lost”—not to mention, “I hate those people for how they treated me”—are mental meanderings that disrupt the flow of miracles.

Week after week, for more than thirty years, I’ve spoken to audiences about how love works miracles. As often as not, someone in the audience is crying, trying to lift themselves up from the regions of despair—heartbreak over a broken love affair, the pain of a bitter divorce, the diagnosis of a life-threatening illness, financial ruin, the acceptance of a loved one’s, or their own, addiction, and so forth.

My message to them is never that they shouldn’t cry. Having been where they are, that’s the last thing I would say to them. But I would say, as others have said to me during the times of my own suffering, that God works miracles. And that He never runs out of them.

Some periods of life are not easy. They call for deep inner work and emotional heavy lifting. This might mean you have to accept what feels unacceptable, or forgive what feels like the unforgivable. It might mean taking a painful look at yourself, or being open to change in areas where you can’t imagine yourself changing. Spiritual comfort doesn’t derive from simply throwing a little white light around an issue. It’s not like you grasp a spiritual principle or two and voilà, your pain is gone. Rather, you start learning and applying the principles and voilà, you’re on your way.

Spiritual work is not an easy way to cope, like something we grab on to as a substitute for serious psychological remedy. It is a walk through what can be a very deep, dark psychic jungle, knowing that monsters lurk among the trees but with the hero’s dedication to conquering them. Spirituality isn’t the purview of the weak; it’s the purview of the brave.”

Excerpt From
Tears to Triumph
Marianne Williamson

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✨🎄Reading & Pondering Today 12/3🎄✨

“Our mind may tell us that bad is bad, good is good, and that we can never really be all that we dream of being, but if our shadow could talk, it would tell us otherwise.

It would tell us that our brightest light can shine only when we’ve accepted our darkness. It would reassure us that there is wisdom in every wound. It would show us that life is a magical journey of making peace with both our humanity and divinity. Our shadow would tell us that we deserve better, that we matter, that we are more than we ever dreamed possible, and that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

As we embrace our shadow, we find out that we are living a divine plan, a plan so important, so vital for our own evolution as well as for the evolution of humankind. Like the lotus flower that is born out of mud, we must honor the darkest parts of ourselves and the most painful of our life’s experiences, because they are what allow us to birth our most beautiful self. We need the messy, muddy past, the muck of our human life—the combination of every hurt, wound, loss, and unfulfilled desire blended with every joy, success, and blessing to give us the wisdom, the perspective, and the drive to step into the most magnificent expression of ourselves. This is the gift of the shadow.”

Excerpt From
The Shadow Effect
Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson & Debbie Ford

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☀️Reading & Pondering Today 11/20☀️

“The joy of Being, which is the only true happiness, cannot come to you through any form, possession, achievement, person, or event—through anything that happens.

That joy cannot come to you—ever. It emanates from the formless dimension within you, from consciousness itself and thus is one with who you are.”

Excerpt From
A New Earth
Eckhart Tolle


May you find the joy within you, and share it with all you come in contact with today!



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✨Reading & Pondering Today 11/11

“To experience emotional freedom, we must accept, surrender, and let go of our wounds. We must be willing to take responsibility for what we’re holding on to, which is usually a hurt or pain from the past that leaves us feeling victimized.

The Code of Emotional Freedom calls on us to let go of “I’m right,” “You’re wrong,” “I’m good,” and “You’re bad” so that we can stand fully in our power. It calls on us to take responsibility for our lives and then, with grace and ease, to let go of our excuses, reasons, justifications, and righteousness.

Now, that doesn’t mean we’re suddenly deaf, dumb, and blind to the impact that others have had on us. Becoming accountable doesn’t mean letting the other person off the hook. As my friend Marianne Williamson always says, the universe will deal with them.

But taking responsibility does guarantee that we will reclaim the power we have given away and regain our freedom to glide through the universe unobstructed by old beliefs or other people.
Holding back from taking full responsibility is common to all of us. Our wounded human ego wants to pin the blame on someone else—anyone else!

Excerpt From
Debbie Ford & Wayne W. Dyer

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✨Reading & Pondering Today 11/9✨

“Emotional freedom is the doorway to our dreams and the goal of the warrior within. This warrior woman is the part of us standing for our greatness, our magnificence, and our joy.

She is filled with the courage, confidence, and inner strength to leave the past behind. She knows that there is no way to express herself fully when she is still carrying burdens that need to be released. She won’t settle for a reality that is dragged down by unfinished business.

She embraces the present. Her strength returns even after the worst defeat because she has grown to trust herself. She is intensely honest with herself. Unwilling to have negativity or old fears stop her, she is strong, determined, and single-focused.

Like an alchemist, she creates an elixir out of wisdom and courage to resolve any remnants of emotional toxicity. The warrior woman has found freedom.

Emotional freedom means embracing responsibility and accountability. To allow ourselves to move through our experiences instead of staying stuck in them, we look for how we participated in the circumstances, experiences, and conditions of our lives.

As we embrace responsibility, we are given the gift of clear sight and are able to see how much we have grown and evolved from the experiences we have lived through.”

Excerpt From
Debbie Ford & Wayne W. Dyer

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✨Reading & Pondering Today 11/8

“I break free of the thought of limits today.

Today I break free of a belief in limits, as there are no limits in the Mind of God. There is no order of difficulty in miracles. The universe is a field of quantum possibility, wherein nothing limits what love can do.

I do not bow before the ego’s dictates of scarcity and lack. Rather, I embrace the infinite abundance of God’s universe. I face the world today knowing that anything can happen, for there is no appearance of lack or fear that can prevail upon the will of God.

God is love, and fear is illusion. Knowing this, I am a natural worker of miracles and a deliverer of peace.

May I be freed of thoughts of worldly limits today, remembering that the children of God are bound and not free. May God’s spirit deliver me beyond the narrow confines of fear-based thinking.

May I be delivered to the infinite possibilities of love. Break me free, dear God, of the ego’s claims of what is possible, what is to be expected, and what is permitted by its harsh assessments of who I am. Amen.”

Excerpt From
A Year of Miracles
Marianne Williamson

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