✨🌴Reading & Pondering Today 5-2🌴✨

“There is only one thing that can triumph over our lower self, our shadow self, and that is our higher self. And the higher self dwells within the highest love of all: the love of our Creator, in whom there is no darkness, no suffering or fear.

It is psychologically unrealistic to underestimate the power of the shadow, but it is spiritually immature to underestimate the power of God. Prayer is not just a symbol; it is a force.

Meditation is not just something that relaxes us; it is something that harmonizes the energies of the universe.

Forgiveness doesn’t just make us feel better; it literally transforms the heart. All the powers that emanate from God are powers that will set us free.

To the shadow, the light is an enemy. But to the light, the shadow is nothing. It simply does not exist.”

Excerpt From: Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson & Debbie Ford. “The Shadow Effect.”

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✨🌴Reading & Pondering Today 4-30🌴✨

“Learning the basic tenets of the spiritual universe is the first step in the path to enlightenment. First we learn the principles; then we go through the process of trying to apply them in both our personal and collective experience.

Everyone is on a spiritual journey; most people just don’t know it. Spirituality refers not to some theological dynamic outside ourselves, but to how we choose to use our minds. The spiritual path is the path of the heart; at every moment, we’re either walking the path of love and creating happiness, or swerving from it and creating suffering. Every thought we think leads deeper into love or deeper into fear.

Love is sane, and fear is not. The loving mind is the “right mind”; the word “right-eous” refers to “right use.” In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “The problem with the world today is that humanity is not in its right mind.”

The spiritual universe is the Mind of God. Miracles are the thoughts of love, extended from the Mind of God through the mind of humans and out into the world. God is Love, and as God’s children, so are we. Our purpose on earth is to think as God thinks, which means to love as God loves.

When our minds are attuned to love, things unfold miraculously. Loving thought creates loving feelings, and loving feelings create loving behavior. In this way we create happiness for ourselves and for those around us.

Obviously, life doesn’t always go like that. But it should. For love is in fact our natural state, from which we have veered as a species and to which all of us long to return. In ways both large and small—from the small deviations from love that mar the landscapes of our personal relationships, to the horrors of war and genocide—humanity plays out a spiritual love/hate relationship with our true selves. We’re one with love, we turn away from love, and ultimately we return to love. That’s pretty much all there is.”

Excerpt From: Williamson, Marianne. “Tears to Triumph.”

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✨🌴Reading & Pondering Today 4-28🌴✨

“On Bringing Light to the World

God and man are the ultimate creative team. God is like electricity. A house can be wired for it, but if there aren’t any light fixtures, what good does that do? If God is seen as electricity, then we are His lamps. It doesn’t matter the size of the lamp, or its shape, or design. All that matters is that it gets plugged in. It doesn’t matter who we are, or what our gifts are. All that matters is that we are willing to be used in His service. Our willingness, our conviction, give us a miraculous power. The servants of God bear the imprint of their Master.

Lamps without electricity cast no light, and electricity without lamps casts no light either. Together, however, they cast out all darkness and bring light to all the world.”

Excerpt From: Williamson, Marianne. “

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✨Reading & Pondering Today 4-25✨

“The only thing stopping you from being your whole authentic self is fear. Your fear tells you that you can’t fulfill your dreams. Your fear tells you not to take risks. Your fear stops you from enjoying your richest treasures. Your fear keeps you living as the self that you’ve known rather than letting you expand to express the full spectrum of your magnificence. Your fear keeps you numb, blocking you from the exuberance and excitement of life. Anxious and fearful, you inevitably create situations in your life to prove to yourself that your self-imposed limitations are the truth. To overcome your fear, you have to face it and replace it with love.”

Excerpt From: Debbie Ford & Wayne W. Dyer. “Courage”

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✨Reading & Pondering Today 4-23

“You have the power to bring a new, profound understanding and appreciation to your past and all the experiences you’ve had. I am going to suggest that you needed these experiences to be who you want to be in the world—for yourself, for your family, for your community, and for humanity.

The perfect people and the perfect experiences have shown up in your life. You have had the perfect family for you to learn, grow, and evolve. It is only the Voice of Fear, in all its persistent yammering, that obscures these truths and attempts to diminish the power of the life you have lived. To silence the Voice of Fear, you need only reach a hand toward the beautiful unknown and call on heartful compassion to believe that there is a profound meaning to all that you have lived, even the darkest moments.”

Excerpt From: Debbie Ford & Wayne W. Dyer. “Courage.”

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✨Reading & Pondering Today 4-17✨

“The Voice of Fear insists that the challenges you have gone through permanently scarred you. And the cost of listening to your fear can probably be most clearly seen in the patterns that plague you, whether they be repetitive cycles of self-sabotage, addiction, or relationship conflicts with lovers, friends, coworkers, or family members. These patterns might show up on your body or in your finances. But the steepest cost of all is that they undermine your courage and your confidence.

To enter the state of heartful compassion, we must search out and find what is weighing us down in the form of resentments and grudges. But for many of us, this requires that we first awaken from our denial. We often forget that we’re holding this undigested anger as we distract ourselves with the pleasurable addictions that obscure the emotional truth. These are the habits and cravings that leave us with nothing more than short-lived feel-good moments rather than the long-term inner peace that we seek. And even if we are keenly aware that we’re carrying grudges and resentments toward our exes, our bosses, or certain family members, we seem to use this knowledge as a defense mechanism. It becomes a shield that we use to build up a false sense of confidence and make ourselves feel better, all the while oblivious to the true cost of harboring these grudges.

We cannot have an open heart while we are carrying the burdens of the past. We cannot allow ourselves to experience our own grace and ease when we have our hearts closed to any part of the world. And we need not wait, as most do, until our death—whether it be an emotional, spiritual, or physical death—to drop the “rocks of the negative feelings we’re harboring toward others. Most of us have many rocks, many grudges. We can let ourselves be weighed down by the rocks of resentments from our past, or we can drop them through the power of forgiveness. The choice is ours.”

Excerpt From: Debbie Ford & Wayne W. “Courage”

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✨Reading & Pondering Today 4-11✨

“Ultimately the divine determines whether we recover from an illness. A genuine healing is a mystical experience, not a rational one and requires a soul animated by faith. Without it, a complete healing is not likely to occur. Yet, even with faith, you must surrender into the process of healing; that is, you must place your complete faith in the treatment by which your healing will be accomplished.

An ill person wants to recover as quickly as possible, of course, but often you cannot see at what level the process of healing is unfolding. By surrendering your senses, you investigate your understanding of how you expect healing to work between you and God.”

Excerpt From: Myss, Caroline. “Entering the Castle”

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✨Reading & Pondering Today 4-6✨

“As you penetrate deep into your interior self, beyond the chatter of your mind, you free your soul—yourself—from the illusions that have held you captive all your life. Many of those illusions are painful, but recognizing them for what they are is liberating.

In meeting your soul, you are getting out of a type of earthbound madness. You are allowing yourself to live the rest of your life without fear of what will become of you on this Earth. That alone is a worthy goal—to live fearlessly.

You come to realize that you can take care of yourself because you are in touch with your interior self, detached from everyday fears and insecurities. Within you is an unquenchable desire to live a wildly free life in which you are liberated from the self-imposed restrictions that come from the fear of humiliation and the fear of others’ opinions, including your own self-critical nature. That is fearless bliss.

So, with that goal in mind, take a moment now to pray. You are beginning your journey into your soul. You and your soul are alone with God. Bless this journey that you are on. And bless you.”

Excerpt From: Myss, Caroline. “Entering the Castle.”

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