My Book

“Kite Tale”

A grandfather partners up with his eight-year-old grandson,
David, for the yearly kite contest with more than a blue ribbon
in mind. Guided by his wisdom, Grandpa uses the contest
as an opportunity to lovingly teach his grandson life’s most
treasured values.

With the help of his friends from many cultures, Grandpa also
exposes David to different traditions and instills in him the
richness of the bonds of friendship.

During their journey, David finds himself doubting his choice for his contest partner—only to find in the end that his grandpa helped him assemble more than a kite. Grandpa built David’s character, so he could embrace all that life has in store.

  • Everyone has a gift/talent to share.  In society now there seems to be an effort to divide us by our differences ~ rather than respect and learn from them.  This nation is a melting pot, and our globe is even a bigger pot.  Let’s get our children excited about learning about different cultures and traditions.  Our journey is enriched when we walk it with those of many traditions, and we all have something to contribute, when asked to exercise our uniqueness.

For signed copies e-mail Anita  put (Kite Tale) in subject

The price of the democratic way of life
is a growing appreciation of people’s differences,
not merely as tolerable,
but as the essence of a rich and rewarding human experience.
-Jerome Nathanson


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