Live Alive In Christ 1/30/2021

“The entire essence of the Christian faith rests on an event that changed everything—Jesus Christ died and was then raised from the dead. Because Christ is alive, you are given the opportunity to live alive in Christ. 

Through Christ you come alive to God and all that God created for you to enjoy. You are no longer defined by your past, your brokenness, or your sin. 

The moment you place your faith in Christ, your old life is gone and you have been given a new life in Christ.

The step to follow Christ is a step into a life that is fully alive. Life the way God created for it to be. Life that was divinely planned to be lived in abundance of joy, peace, praise, and love. A life lived with God and for God. A life lived alive!

The sad reality is that many people live, but very few people live alive. 

They live in fear, hopelessness, guilt, or emptiness. Life becomes a treadmill of always seeking something to fulfill the void, but never knowing what that something really is. Always searching, but never finding what they are really looking for. 

It’s not that they don’t have faith, they put their faith in the wrong thing. 

They place faith in success, status, wealth, relationships, and a thousand other things that vie for our affections. The promise is that life is found in these things. Yet, that is a lie. 

Life is found only in one source—Jesus Christ.

Jesus came to change everything about life. He is the very source of life. In Him, you find life to the full. Jesus not only gives us life, but He also reveals how to actually live life. 

Not some rules, moral obligations, or religious steps. But living alive in the fullness of the life that was secured for us in the death and resurrection of Christ. Life empowered through Christ.”

Excerpt From

40 Days 2019 • Live Alive

the Journey

Pastor James Hilton 


About anitaskocz

ANITA JOYCE SKOCZ is a storyteller who resides in Central Florida. She credits her passion to her father, who dazzled her imagination as a child with his gift to weaver a tale. After a diving accident in 1978, Anita left the travel industry to journey the inner roads of her soul. The riches found on those adventures inward come to life in her children’s books. Anita’s books, “Crystal Star Angel” and “Kite Tale,” were inspired by the loving relationships her father had with his grandsons. From Where I Sit is a blog where Anita shares her life’s stories, or comments on current events from her soul’s perspective. Her insights can evoke laughter as well as take one on a reflective journey. In any case she hopes you join her each Wednesday for a new adventure.
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