Reading & Pondering 3/20

“Emotional freedom is the doorway to our dreams and the goal of the warrior within. This warrior woman is the part of us standing for our greatness, our magnificence, and our joy.

She is filled with the courage, confidence, and inner strength to leave the past behind. She knows that there is no way to express herself fully when she is still carrying burdens that need to be released. She won’t settle for a reality that is dragged down by unfinished business.

She embraces the present. Her strength returns even after the worst defeat because she has grown to trust herself. She is intensely honest with herself. Unwilling to have negativity or old fears stop her, she is strong, determined, and single-focused.

Like an alchemist, she creates an elixir out of wisdom and courage to resolve any remnants of emotional toxicity. The warrior woman has found freedom.

Emotional freedom means embracing responsibility and accountability. To allow ourselves to move through our experiences instead of staying stuck in them, we look for how we participated in the circumstances, experiences, and conditions of our lives. As we embrace responsibility, we are given the gift of clear sight and are able to see how much we have grown and evolved from the experiences we have lived through.”

Excerpt From
Debbie Ford & Wayne W. Dyer


About anitaskocz

ANITA JOYCE SKOCZ is a storyteller who resides in Central Florida. She credits her passion to her father, who dazzled her imagination as a child with his gift to weaver a tale. After a diving accident in 1978, Anita left the travel industry to journey the inner roads of her soul. The riches found on those adventures inward come to life in her children’s books. Anita’s books, “Crystal Star Angel” and “Kite Tale,” were inspired by the loving relationships her father had with his grandsons. From Where I Sit is a blog where Anita shares her life’s stories, or comments on current events from her soul’s perspective. Her insights can evoke laughter as well as take one on a reflective journey. In any case she hopes you join her each Wednesday for a new adventure.
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