“Dove in the Doorway” Part III

Part III

I flashed back to the moving scenes I watched as a child on television of Our Lady of Lourdes, and I began to envision all of us this day connected by invisible strings of compassion, love, peace, joy and brotherhood ~ a strong weaving of oneness.  As my father held our place, Bonni went into the crowd and filmed the sea of love, and I rolled along side of my mother as we made our way through this spiritually charged vibration.  She may have had a bit of doubt about Nancy Fowler’s visions, but my mother encountered the miracle of this massive faith driven crowd.  The energy was palpable and healing in itself.

As we continued through the crowd, hugs and kind words were given as an exchange of the unconditional love that permeated the atmosphere.  And, by this time the sun was high in the sky, and those who had been here before started taking Polaroid pictures directly into the sun.  My mother not aware of the miraculous photos captured of Jesus, the Virgin, angels and more, grabbed a camera from a gentleman, and told him not to waste his film.  He graciously explained the phenomena, and handed over his camera to her to try capturing a true “holy card.”  I hoped that this gesture would bare the fruit of faith for my mother.

 Hesitantly my mother pointed the camera to the sun, as the gentleman and I put the results in God’s hands.  When she removed the photo, and as it developed, she held it close, as it for now was for her eyes only.  Those short moments seemed unending.  But, slowly her facial expression changed.  A peace came over her as her eyes stared in wonder, and they began to overflow with tears for the many doubts over a lifetime ~ like many of us have had.  It was a symbol that fortified her belief in a loving, all knowing God, that was tested by her many struggles through life.  As she passed the picture over to us, we were shocked at its clarity and by what it symbolized ~ a dove flying through an open doorway.

As we returned my father saw the face of a joy filled soul, and there was also a fellow that joined my dad, that recognized the light glistening in her eyes.  My mom shared her story, and how the dove was the symbol of peace, and how the open door spoke of freedom.  She could not speak fast enough of the peace she was feeling, and the freedom she felt by figuratively walking through the doorway ~ leaving past pains behind.

It was forty five minutes before the apparition, and this new friend shared his healing story and photos with us all.  He had been severely twisted with arthritis and unable to walk or use his hands.  Years previous, his family and friends carried him on a blanket to the field we all sat in now, and on that day he walked away ~ completely healed with the blanket in his arms.  His story and photos enlivened us more about the power of unseen forces ~ God’s handiwork.

A picture of Mother Mary taken in Conyers by a pilgrim on a previous visit.

As we were talking, the praying of the rosary began.  Although it was said in English, many languages blended in with the praying.  When Jesus spoke of the power of one or more gathered in His name, that mystical power was evident here and now ~ unearthly!  After the rosary the faith filled crowd broke out in song to the Virgin Mary.  The voices of so many singing from their hearts, showed once again the power capable of moving mountains.  When the sacred melodies were finished, a cloud appeared from out of nowhere and covered the sun.  It was a small miracle,  as many  at this point were heated and weakened by its intensity.

In the moment of quiet at high noon, a singing bird flew to the farm house window to signal Mother Mary’s arrival.  There was a collective sigh as we all saw the winged announcer descend to the apparition room window.  It was at this time that Nancy was receiving her message.

As she received the words from Mother Mary, I whole heartedly believe we all were receiving personal messages at this time, as well as grace from the Divine Mother.  The loving interactions with those of us gathered, along with our collective faith in something/someone grander than us ~God ~ expanded our souls that day.  Our faith transformed us, as did our inner messages so clearly heard in those moments.  The combination of it all brought about many emotional, spiritual and physical healings.

When Nancy came out to deliver the words of Mother Mary, they pertained  to the angelic children being born at this time, and how important it was for us to support them in their missions as messengers of unconditional love, mercy and compassion.  As she continued reiterating that theme,  I felt that “grace” was continuing to flow to assist us in releasing all that no longer supported our service to each other, and the planet.  We carried less of our perceived burdens, and more of God’s light.  Each person left with a better understanding ~ that the Divine Spark is a part of each and everyone of us.

My father with his great niece, supporting the love and joy in her heart.


When we returned home, my mother placed the photo of “the dove in the doorway” on her dresser.  It was a constant reminder of the gift of revitalized faith, that she received in Conyers.  After my father passed away, she came to live with Bonni and I, and in that transition the photo was lost ~ but not her steadfast faith.

Bonni’s brother, who had committed suicide four months earlier, left her feeling he was not in God’s pure light.  In Conyers that heaviness was lifted by the message he did return to the light.

Two days after we returned, we remembered the statue of the Virgin Mother was still in the van,  Plus, the pouch with the rings sat on my dresser never opened to check the contents before returning them to the ladies.  We decided to open the satchel in front of the statue.  As Bonni carried the Mother Mary through the garage, two singing birds followed her until she entered the house.  We believed they let us know that the Divine Mother was present.  Bonni set the statue down next to the satchel, and we paused, acknowledging this blessed essence.  When we lifted the tiny flap atop the pouch, a sound of a mini explosion occurred ~ POOF!  It felt as though a hand pressed each of us over our hearts.  There was a peace about us, as the birds continued in song inside the garage.

During our next meditation we returned the ladies rings.  Each one believed their meditation was enhanced, and Bonni and I had no doubt that it was.  I am finishing this story at seven thirty pm, and in the dark next to my window a bird is singing ~ I am truly in awe.


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ANITA JOYCE SKOCZ is a storyteller who resides in Central Florida. She credits her passion to her father, who dazzled her imagination as a child with his gift to weaver a tale. After a diving accident in 1978, Anita left the travel industry to journey the inner roads of her soul. The riches found on those adventures inward come to life in her children’s books. Anita’s books, “Crystal Star Angel” and “Kite Tale,” were inspired by the loving relationships her father had with his grandsons. From Where I Sit is a blog where Anita shares her life’s stories, or comments on current events from her soul’s perspective. Her insights can evoke laughter as well as take one on a reflective journey. In any case she hopes you join her each Wednesday for a new adventure.
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